Paul Mealy is a technology leader and innovator currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
He is the co-owner of InsideDown Design Studio, a design studio in Indianapolis. He has founded and run multiple startups, from virtual/augmented reality studios to educational app studios to environmental installation design groups.
Paul specializes in bridging the gap between design, development and business, with a specific focus on childhood education and entertainment. He currently manages a cross-functional international group of designers and engineers with a variety of skills, from design to web development, mobile development, animation, gaming, environmental work and virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality experiences.  
Paul has taught college level courses on game programming and generative art, spoken at industry events on a wide variety of topics, and focuses on emerging technologies, running multiple emerging technology and innovation labs. 
Paul authored the "...for Dummies" serious on virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality for Wiley Publishing. You can order it here: 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Dummies
The work on this site represents work Paul has done from 2012 to around 2018. The work he has been involved on since then is mostly under NDA. It has focused around architecting and leading teams creating emerging technology design solutions for web, conversational UI, and virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality. 
You can also find him any of these places: