I have created augmented reality applications for a number of Fortune 500 clients, in technologies ranging from ARKit on iOS, to ARCore on Android, to Microsoft HoloLens, and more. Most of my work in the AR space is under NDA, though I have included some early user experience sketches and videos below. 
Often with emerging technology applications (and especially augmented reality applications) clients/end users have trouble understanding or visualizing what the end product will feel like, especially in AR headsets. To overcome this, I will often provide detailed sketch storyboards (examples of mobile and headset-based experiences below) of all interactions in order to align expectations early and often. Between these sketch storyboards, navigational blueprints and proof-of-concept prototyping, we are able to provide clients an early visualization of how their digital holograms will appear in physical space. 
Result: These early UX design visualization techniques have led to multiple successful product releases for organizations of various sizes, with a shared understanding of the finished piece developed early on in the process.  
Role: Creative Direction, UX Designer, Interactive Architect, Adobe Suite, Unity, C#, 3d, motion design, design, development

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