In partnership with Intel, NBA commissioned my team to create a virtual reality application that would let NBA fans experience the magic of attending an NBA game from the comfort of their own living room. Utilizing Intel's True VR technology, viewers could experience live NBA games through VR headsets, giving them full control of their viewing experience. 
As Interactive Architect, I oversaw the design and development of the NBA on TNT VR application which allowed NBA fans to tune in and watch live NBA games or replays from any supported virtual reality headset. (Oculus Go, Samsung Gear, Google Daydream, etc). The application allowed users to select their virtual seat anywhere in the stadium, from sitting directly court-side to behind the basket to a bird's eye view of the court. Further, it allowed viewers to rewind/replay the best plays, view in-game statistics and even experience Intel's groundbreaking True View technology inside a VR headset.
Result: One of the earliest implementations of Intel's True VR technology, it quickly proved to be the most popular execution, with time spent engaging numbers and returning users far beyond any of Intel's previous True VR implementations. 
Role: Creative Direction, Interactive Architect, Unity, C#, 3d, motion design, design, development

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