In 2016, Intel approached my team with a challenge; they had recently purchased a virtual reality live video startup, Voke. And while Voke's team was strong on the hardware side, they had less experience on the software side. 
In the short term, Intel needed help getting Voke's software presentation ready for CES in early 2017. In the longer term, Intel wanted to create a platform they could confidently white label and pitch to clients. 
Results: Leading the team as Director of Interactive, we were able to strategize and implement a path for Intel's product (now titled True VR) for the short term request, a successful CES launch, where Final Four matches were able to be viewed live in virtual reality. Users could view the game as if they were there, selecting any number of seats around the court to watch the game. 
The success of our short term launch led to a long relationship with Intel and their VR products. My team worked hand-in-hand with Intel on white labeling their True VR application for licensing by third-parties, building out fully content-managed VR applications across multiple language translations. Additionally, we led and assisted many of their most successful VR launches, including launches for the 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as activations for the PGA Tour, Major League Baseball and the National Football League. 
Further, building off the successes of True VR, Intel pulled my team even deeper into their VR platforms, as we built out a number of games and white labeled interactive experiences for licensing by third party advertisers, and advised Intel on the future of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, as well as where it made sense to focus their attention moving forward. 

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