Tasked by Nike to create an experience to allow in-store users to browse the extensive Nike catalog for clothing and accessories that may not currently be in stock, I led the interactive design and development for creating a series of Nike-branded touchscreen and hardware integration kiosks. 
Released to hundreds of Nike Factory store kiosks across the globe simultaneously, this app was a massive leap forward for Nike Factory Store's digital properties. All kiosks were able to both be managed in-store for custom store content, as well as remotely to manage global content that should be updated on all kiosks at once. 
Further, this app was Nike Factory Store's first kiosk driven purely via a HTML/CSS/JS single page app driving the front-end. Nike had long struggled to maintain a consistent development platform, as all store kiosks were bespoke solutions done in any number of technologies, (Flash, C++, Unity, bespoke solutions). By enabling Nike to move to HTML/CSS/JS, we empowered their development team to take many tasks internally, and led the successful push to move forward with an HTML/CSS/JS stack for all Nike Factory Store kiosks moving forward. 
Role: Lead Interactive Architect, HTML, CSS, Javascript, custom Chrome extensions, motion design

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