As Creative Director/Architect, built out a number of interactive pieces for a Lord of the Rings-themed event, including projection-mapped, Kinect controlled games utilizing modeled Lego Lord of the Rings characters, a Javascript Web Speech API-powered door to Moria which illuminated on command via Phillips Hue integration, and a real-world Lord of the Rings scavenger hunt with a neighborhood customized Lord of the Rings map utilizing real world streets and locations. 
The scavenger hunt led to 20 RFID rings - each ring could be placed on a glowing fabricated pedestal containing an RFID reader, which recorded how many other rings had been found to that point and revealed further clues on where to look for the next RFID ring. The pedestal also controlled lighting, environmental audio and a projection mapped surface whose surface was controlled by whichever RFID ring was read by the RFID reader. 

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