As lead designer/developer/architect for the gaming vertical at various agencies, I've had my hand in every step of the process of building out entertainment applications (games, microsites, single page applications, multi-user experiences) targeted at various gaming audiences. These sites has been featured in numerous publications, won various awards and have been loved by audiences all over the world. 
From Professor Layton to Pokémon, from Legend of Zelda to Mario Party, from Medal of Honor to Dead Rising, I've had the honor and responsibility of leading the design and development on some of the world's most popular brands.
Gaming sites and applications tend to lean into high design and experimental implementations. (Few brands will have you building out multi-user 2d platform chatrooms outside the gaming vertical). I push to keep these gaming sites and applications experimental yet informational, with a focus on capturing analytics and data from users to ensure sites were providing the visual punch users expected from gaming sites while still ensuring users needs were being met and analytics could continually improve their experiences moving forward. 
Role: Various - Designer, Creative Direction, Art Director, Interactive Architect, motion design, HTML/CSS/JS development

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