The success of our work for the Nike Factory Store led to an even larger ask from the global brand icon: could we design a new experience for their upcoming step into the hardware space; the Nike FuelBand. 
As Lead Interactive Architect, I oversaw the design and development of the Nike Fuelband Experience, which allowed users to self-guide through how their FuelBand worked and how to set their device up in store, as well as allowed for in-store employees to guide users through setup and initializing their new devices. 
The experience was rolled out to NikeTown's worldwide, with multiple language support and a centralized management system that allowed kiosks to be centrally updated intelligently, only initializing large updates based on store downtime, while also allowing local updates global overrides for immediate updates as needed. 
Results: The experience was widely considered a success, as early analytics reported a large number of users spending more than 5 minutes at the kiosk, and store employee interaction time reduced from low-value engagements with the customer to only "high value" interactions as a sales tool.  
Role: Creative Direction, Lead Architect, HTML, CSS, Javascript, motion design

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