Redesigning and developing an existing store is no easy task. Redesigning and developing an existing store while maintaining the existing backend infrastructure and existing site implementation for a site with millions of visitors and hardcore fans is a monumental lift. 
For, I was tasked with managing a team of designer and developers, architecting a templating system for content creators to more simply update store items, as well as re-building their store front-end within an already existing backend system. The rebuild included a complicated filtering system for game searching and navigation. 
Results: Due to our re-architecture of how user requests were fed through to the pre-existing backend, the newly optimized was able to support multiple amounts of users versus the previous existing implementation. Further, the store saw increased user engagement measured in time spent on site as well as ​​​​​​​purchases made through the online store implementation. 
Role: Interactive Architect, motion design, UX, front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript) development Store Home Store search

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